Instructor Biographies


Veronica Agosta

Yoga is many things, yoga is the only thing: Yoga is using concentration, self-reflection and meditation to realize our true self, our best self. It is a way of moving, living and being in the world with full awareness.

Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, in yoga we look to transform energy to give ourselves precisely what we need on any given day: the ability to be active, still, balanced,extroverted--whatever state is desired. Yoga is about using the poses to address any energetic imbalances in the body.

I want students to feel better connected with themselves and others through collective movement and conscious breathing.


Faysal Abi

I believe yoga is a process of self discovery that happens to begin while engaging in a physical practice (asana) but in no way ends at the physical. I feel, like most things, the yoga of today is evolving from what it was 5,000 years ago. It only makes sense for yoga to change as we continue to change as humans. I see yoga as multi dimensional and can be catered to what an individual is striving for on a personal level: be it strength, flexibility, spirituality, overcoming physical injuries or trauma.

The energy I strive to create in all my classes encompass things I feel sacred in my yoga practice: Safety-the ability to choose what is right for your body and a non competitive environment. Growth-striving to better ones self and grow by releasing limited beliefs and projections we place on our bodies. Equality-I feel I’m a guide not a teacher and I like to maintain an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions.

I hope every student enjoys themselves and the music:)

After taking my class I would love for people to feel empowered and present in their body. I hope students feel grounded, relaxed and leave with a sense of gratitude towards their body and yoga community.

RYT 200


Jennifer Accristo

I believe strongly in the transformational power of yoga and its ability to bring into union the mind, body, spirit balance. For me yoga is the ability to come home to oneself while simultaneously connecting to the collective consciousness, to celebrate, to heal, and to allow the way I practice to positively affect all other aspects of my life.

My goal is to be a healing presence for all those I practice with and the energy I hope to create is a welcome open environment, a place for play and exploration, for discovery of strengths, intentional compassion and mindfulness, and a combination of deep grounding and lightness.

My wish is for each student who leaves my class to feel peaceful, supported, empowered, re-energized, and centered!


TRX Certified
Orange Theory Fitness Coach
Black belt in Hung Gar Kung Fu


Jos Bols

To me yoga is a way to relieve stress, clear the mind and stay focused. Allowing for refocusing on aligning breath to movement and taking this with me as I step of the yoga mat.

Trying to make everyone feel welcome and introducing new techniques so the asanas will speak to students at all levels. There is no failure and only success in these classes. It can be as grounding and foundational as you would like or really take the challenge and try poses that have been eluding you.

As class is over I hope the student feels a sense of grounding and self pride. Connected to the breath, being aware of your body and leaving the class feeling more relaxed and energized the rest of the day.



Jenniferlyn Chiemigo

I believe that yoga is union; breath & movement, body & mind, you & community.

Love, compassion, energizing, freedom, flow are the energetic qualities I create in my class.I hope that each student feels supported, loved and inspired!



Rich Chin

The asana practice (the physical practice) within yoga is an opportunity to explore how your body behaves and reacts. An understanding of the foundation of where you are allows you to then play with where you may go, as well as an appreciation for where others may be. Classes are designed to provide a framework for that exploration, maintaining that balance between effort and ease, and sprinkling in a bit of humor along the way.
Yoga Alliance RYT-200


Alicia Diaz

Ashtanga Yoga Training, 2013, Vibe Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training, 2016-Yoga Alliance Certified, Art of Yoga Training, March, 2017

I believe yoga is a combination of breath, movement, love and acceptance. Yoga teaches self love and exploration as well as allows the breath to expand and elongate through postures and meditation. I also believe yoga helps bring all types of people together which creates a strong, supportive community deeply routed in love.

I really enjoy creating playful classes that allow for self exploration while leaving you feeling like you got a great workout! Essentially, my classes combine having fun, working out and bringing awareness to the mind-body connection.

My goal is for students to leave my classes with self awareness and compassion. Often times we find ourselves in a yoga class feeling like we have to keep up with the instructor, the other students, and our own expectations of what our practice should look like. I encourage my students to listen to their bodies and offer compassion to themselves throughout their practice. I want every student to leave my class knowing that it is important to honor their bodies in every posture and to work towards self love and acceptance. 


Jess De Leuw

I believe yoga is a practice of awareness and connection of mind and body through the breath. Yoga is a way to balance energy, to practice self-care, to rest and relax, to recover and heal, and to connect to our true nature, our true self. Yoga is a tool to practice the skills of balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation and meditation. The practice of yoga offers many different types of asana, pranayama and meditation to balance our energy and to give us what we need to live more fully and more freely, at ease and in the present.

I teach Hatha Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation, with special attention to the breath, the elements of nature, and awareness of mind and body. I create an energy of acceptance and support. I appreciate laughter and play. I seek to provide a container to support students in their practice.

I want students to feel more grounded, centered, balanced, relaxed and empowered. I want students to leave with a greater sense of self-awareness, a more balanced energy, and a stronger mind-body connection.


Lorraine Desser

Yoga is the connection of body, mind and heart to promote overall wellbeing & self discovery & thus allows us to wake up to who we really are & to what life is all about!    

In my classes, the Energy I create is one of Love, Kindness, Compassion & Acceptance for our mental, physical & emotional challenges we face each time we meet ourselves on the mat. We do this in the container of a playful, meditative practice as we experience the edges of our physical challenges, be they strength, flexibility or balance!

May you leave class with a heart full of gratitude for all of life’s blessings & the time you took to connect with yourself; feeling better than when you walked in & noticing a shift physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically!

RYT- 200,   E-RYT- 500….+ many other hours of study in the US & India


Edwina Ferro

I believe that yoga is a meeting place where there is no greater than or less than.

Acceptance and Love is the energy i create class.

I hope that each student feels into their Radiant & Limitless Self.


Nick Heinzen

I believe we practice yoga whether we are conscious of it or not. As we widen our vision through our practice, we awaken to our own truths and can source the power to live authentic, inspired lives. Through my classes, I hope to inspire a sense of wonder and awe of the beauty and power within each of us so that individuals leave feeling grounded, connected, and clear.



Emily Moore

ERYT 200, ERYT 500 in Yoga Therapy, Its Kids Yoga

I believe yoga offers an opportunity to clear and connect the body, mind, and spirit while strengthening/stabilizing and inviting tranquility of mind and openness of heart.

The energy in my class holds space for grounding, breath awareness, soul filled talks, alignment instruction, strengthening, and positive reinforcement.

My hope is that each student walks out of class feeling a little lighter, stronger, and more at ease in their mind, body and heart.


Carolina Hahn

Yoga to me is very powerful. Yoga creates a flow of energy in the body and mind that is grounding and at the same time empowering. Every pose and every energy point (chakra) has purpose and it all works together to create harmony. I believe yoga is not just an exercise. The asana practice does give you the physical part of the practice, but there is so much more when we tap into the breathing and the calming of the mind. My wish and is that we start teaching yoga as a requirement at schools, so we learn from early on how to control the body and mind and how to be gentle and kind with oneself and others in the world.

The energy I like to create in class varies a lot on my students. If I feel the majority needs a more powerful class, that's what I give them. If I feel they need a more calming and grounding class, that's what I teach. In general I start with grounding, then power and lastly calmness.

My goal is that at the end of class students feel they did a good workout, but most importantly that they feel connected with themselves


Robin Jaffe

I believe yoga is a path to feeling whole in your body,mind and spirit, an opportunity to slow down, to find inner strength and bring more spaciousness and ease to your breath, your heart and your way of moving through life.

I create an energy of lightness, ease and choice.

I hope each student feels equally relaxed and energized, empowered and inspired to take what they have learned off the mat and into their life.

RYT 200 from College of San Mateo, It's Yoga Kids Yoga Teacher Certification, Rise Yoga for Youth Teen Yoga Teacher Certification, Group Exercise Instructor Certification from College of San Mateo, Personal Trainer Certification from College of San Mateo


Jen Legaspi

RYT 200, certified through Downtown Yoga Shala in San Jose with Noell Clark.

In my experience, yoga is a personal, inward journey towards self-love guided by breath, mindful movement and the creation of space. In this practice, we meet our whole self on the mat - the parts we don't always like or care to see as well as the parts we already treasure - and can uncover, discover and learn to accept the depth along this spectrum with each and every practice.  

I combine an interesting mix of music with methodical pacing and pockets of silence for students to get in touch with their own experience of being with whatever's coming up for them. 

I hope the combination of choices to expand or contract their physical practice and space to explore their inner landscape leads students to feel more empowered on and off the mat. 


Jen Lo

Jen believes that each one of us already has the key to true happiness and your yoga practice lights the way to ultimate delight. Her sequences are designed to challenge the body while balancing the movements to the mind. She believes in the healing capability of sound and mantra and will bring her harmonium and singing bowl whenever possible. You can expect to sweat to a curated playlist and leave feeling grounded. Jen offers hands on assists in each class to accentuate what you already know to be true. Jen has studied with Janet Stone, Hareesh Wallis, Britany Paradis, Neil Wadhawan, Pete Guinosso, Emily Galvin Moore, Joe Ragains, and is currently under the profound mentorship of Edwina Ferro. She honors the Krishnamacharya lineage and believes that the light in you is the light in us all. 


Niña Marie

I believe that yoga is a personal journey and practice of constant awareness and freedom, to be present, to be humble, getting to know yourself on the deepest of levels mind, body and spirit.

My classes will facilitate an open space for self discover, with a pure energy to accept where we are but also to release what is holding us back from progressing. To breath deeper & work within.

I hope that my students leave class feeling simultaneously grounded yet lifted, strong yet light, with a clearer thoughts and positive intentions for themselves and everyone around them.

RYT 200 College of San Mateo, Balanced body Pilates Mat & Reformer, NCSF & NESTA personal trainer


Breanna Matczak

I believe yoga is connection; it is connection to self and to all that is. With yoga we can find healing, love and light. Yoga is a way of life. Whether it be in movement or stillness, yoga takes us on a transformational journey of self reflection and deep awareness. In practicing, we discover that everything we need is already within.

In my classes, I strive to create a safe and grounded space with focused and fun energy. A space in which students can explore and challenge their body and mind while feeling accepted and loved exactly as they are.

I hope each student leaves my classes feeling calm, confident and more deeply connected to themselves.


Kimberly Paul

“I believe that every time you step on to your yoga mat, you connect to and become part of an evolving and powerful, ancient tradition. It is an alive, breathing, spiritual practice and art form, inspired from the depths of nature, and is just as relevant now as it always has been...” 

I hope to create a grounding energy in class. 

I hope that my students leave feeling nourished on all levels.. leaving with a  Sense of Wonderment and possibility, 

  • kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Spiritual lifestyle training (1997)

  • Kali Ray Triyoga level 1 & 2 certification (1999)

  • Integrative Yoga Therapy IYT 200 hours certification (2000)

  • Yoga For Special Needs with Eric Small (2000)

  • Forrest Yoga Advanced Studies certification (2003)

  • Tripsichore Yoga Advanced Studies Certification (2005)

  • Bauman College- Holistic Nutritionist certification (2009)


Henry David Richanbach

Yoga is an evolutionary pathway which draws from ancient roots of esoteric knowledge to inform an art of moving and awakening the Body, Mind and Spirit as a unified whole.

The primary key is safety to fully inhabit the body with an atmospheric gesture towards the full blossoming of Somatic Intelligence.

I hope that each unique human feels more able to be their authentic Self.