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Complain Free Challenge

Complain Free Challenge

led by Jessica Jacobson

   We challenge you to stop complaining for 21 days!

WHY Take This Challenge?!

  • We need your help to spread positivity and make the world a better place.
  • Your friends, family and those around you will appreciate it.
  • You will become aware of just how much negative thoughts can pollute your life and our world, and how positive thoughts can make a difference.
  • You will free your mind and heart to explore the beauty and potential that life offers.
  • Your life might become even more positive and happy.

WHAT you will need

  • A bracelet flexible enough to be able to switch wrists. Peacebank bracelets are available at the studio for $1.
  • Sign up to receive daily quotes, important messages and stories (button above).

HOW it works

On February 8th, you will put your chosen bracelet on one of your wrists. Over the next 21 days, anytime you say an outward expression of DISSATISFACTION through complaining, criticizing, gossiping, or being sarcastic you must switch the bracelet to your other wrist. The trick is to catch yourself and be honest about it, raising your self-awareness.

Definitions below:

  • Complaining - to express dissatisfaction, pain, uneasiness, censure, resentment, or grief; find fault:
  • Criticism - Pointing out another's "faults" in a disapproving way.
  • Gossip - Talking about others with the intent of harm.
  • Sarcastic- Harsh or bitter derision or irony. Sarcasm may not always be negative, it can sometimes be used humorously. For example, saying it's a sunny day when it is raining is using sarcasm humorously. Sarcasm should be used with care.

It is also important to notice the difference between complaining and expressing. People do need to express themselves. However, the tone of voice, the intention behind your words and your desired outcome must be considered. So in these cases, you must look at your intention. Are you bringing awareness in hopes of finding a solution for yourself or others?  We encourage you notice when you are complaining verses sharing how you feel.

HOW to get started.

Once you sign up, Jessica will be sending you daily emails with an motivational quote and a link to the challenge web-page. The page will have short blurbs to help inspire you, make you think, ignite creativity in your life and show you how you can build a kind of strength that only comes through this kind of work. Find out what really happens inside of you and in your world when you when you take this Complain Free Challenge.

This idea was created by Will Bowen so feel free to check out his website or read his book Complaint Free World. It is great stuff!!

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