Give the Gift of Unlimited Yoga: Challenge Gift Certificates valued at $99 are available for sale in the Studio!

During the challenge, we have a number of events happening at the studio that you can join and earn points for attending -- check our Calendar for more information.

 The pose of the day will be posted on Instagram the day before.

To earn points please post your pose of the day to Instagram and tag it with: #peacebankyoga30daychallenge @peacebank_yoga

Click HERE for all the ways you can earn points! Track your points on the giant chart in the studio lobby.



Grand prize: One year free unlimited yoga!

Second Place: One month free unlimited yoga

Third Place: One month free unlimited yoga

How to Earn Points

  • 5 points Attend a class or meditation at Peacebank
  • 10 points  Attend a Friday Night Event or Workshop Complete daily challenges 5pts
  • 10 points Bring a friend who has never been to the studio
  • 10 points for attending a Community Event (for example, Book Club)
  • 5 points for snapping a photo of your Pose of the Day at Peacebank and posting to Instagram
  • 1 point for posting your Pose of the Day to Instagram from anywhere other than Peacebank, + up to 1 point each for adding Gratitude and Act of Kindness
  • Click Here to download the list of points and fine print.


Daily Challenges

  1.  Emily's pose of the day - Copy Emily's Pose, or variation of the pose and snap a photo.
  2. What are you grateful for? - Share your words or an image expressing gratitude. Think of the small things just as much as the big things, as the simple act of gratitude will make you smile.
  3. Kindness - An act of kindness toward someone else. This one speaks for itself
  4. Meditation - Take the time for yourself each day to meditate

Tips from Emily!

~  Be sure to tag @peacebank_yoga and #peacebankyoga30daychallenge on Instagram! This personally, is the hardest part of the challenge for me as I am not a big social media user….but it's the part that makes the biggest difference. Share gratitude, kindness, meditation and yoga  with the world, and contribute to sending out good karma and an amazing vibe. So know that you are spreading all of this with each post!

~ If you prefer not to use your own name on social media, you can use your favorite pet or other alias and create a fun account just for the challenge :)

~ You can take a picture of a mediation app you use, your meditation space, or write about your meditation experience. You can post a photo or leave a comment about a special act of kindness you offered, what/who you are grateful for, and of course your photo/pose of the day!

~ A few examples: send a random text of gratitude to someone who means the world to you, let someone in go ahead of you in line, bring a coffee/treat to a special someone, go for a walk and notice how grateful for rain we are! Get creative as this is part of the challenge as well :)

~ As always if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us at the front desk, to ask your instructors, or friends participating in the challenge.

*For the full points breakdown and fine print, click Here.



Some of our favorites from last year's 30 Day Challenge!