This 100hr training is a personalized advancement of your holistic yoga practice through the 5 elements of Quantum Yoga.

Asana - Foundational and advanced alignment, Progressive poses, Anatomy and biomechanics, Developing flexibility, Finding your inner core and core buoyancy, Bent arm vs straight arm training, Backbending with freedom, Safe and accelerated hip opening

Pranayama - Modern and Ancient breath techniques, Moving Prana, Breath Anatomy & Physiology, When and how to apply

Meditation - Concentration training, Neuroscience and anatomy of meditation, Bypassing the analytical mind, Connecting with the Field, Personalizing your meditation, Intention and emotion, Meditation quantification

Subtle Energy - Study of Nadis and Chakras, Koshas, Science of Electromagnetics and Photonics, The nervous system as a superconductor, Molecules of emotion, Measuring subtle energy, The science of Consciousness

Biofield Health - Optimizing recovery, sleep and performance, Improving your biofield with nature, Harnessing sunlight for energy, Creating cellular coherence, Stress reduction, Food as energy


8 Weekends, Saturday and Sundays 12-5pm. 80 contact hours, 20 hours personal practice.

Dates: January 26-27, February 9-10, February 23-24, March 9-10, March 23-24, April 6-7, April 13-14, April 27-28


$1750 early bird by January 10, $1950 after.

Must have 10 participants to commence.



It is open to anyone with at least 1 year of yoga experience.